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Niqabi | Mom | INTJ-T | Scorpio | Polyglot (including Japanese) | Artsy | Creative | Photo-clicker | Artjournaler | Delusional | Lost | memory-collector | misanthrope | driftwood | dreamer | pragmatic | paradoxical | soda junkie | health conscious | carbon-footprint conscious | procrastinator | irregular sleeper | in love with love and heartache.

Welcome to my world.
I am driven by poetry and fueled by art.
My poetry is seldom written from my feelings, often from borrowed emotions or for prompts or drifting contemplations, there is no saying what inspires me, it could be anything. I feel like I am only a medium and the words descend upon me (not that I think I write great). Iíd like to think that Iím growing with each day, every day and itís an ongoing process. I also occasionally share stories about my life, which Iíd like to say is/was pretty extra-ordinary, it has been a series of miracles, where Iíve met the most beautiful people but of course roses and thorns, and now meeting you through this blog is amazing too.
I hope to be able to touch you through my poetry, journaling and my story (some amateur photography too), thank you for stopping by, look forward to reading your feedback on my work.

©Seema Tabassum

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