Book Cover Reveal of my Debut Book titled ‘S U R EI C H I G A I’

I am super nervous and super excited to share with you the cover of my very first book of love poems titled ‘Surei Chigai’, given the pandemic situation it will be an ebook. I don’t expect you to be excited for me or about this, of course I’d be happiest if you decide to buy, but for now I am simply sharing with you my excitement and joy for it is my first step towards something I am very passionate about. This whole book thing has been an experiment of sorts and I wanted to do everything from scratch because I am mad like that, also I cannot ask for help and have severe trust issues so I designed the cover too by myself (putting it out there so you know before you hate it), I will post more about this in the posts to follow Insha Allah, I don’t know if this is beautiful or ugly to you but everything on the cover has a meaning (well to me at least). Please wait for the next post to know about the meaning of the title ‘Surei Chigai’. Thanks a ton for your kind support, please help me spread the word if you are up to it, thank You. ?

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