S U R EI C H I G A I (debut book title explained)

This is an original video explaining the title of my debut book ‘Surei Chigai’ in a poem,

Surei Chigai :
a. passing each other
b. crossing paths without meeting
c. chance encounter

Like lines on a square rule sheet,
running away from and
towards each other simultaneously

like poetry that touches your skin
but fails to skin in

like when you read my poetry
briefly, we are eclipse

©Seema Tabassum May 2020

Surei Chigai is crossing paths, sometimes without even meeting, people arrive and depart from our lives, some people stay for a long period and then leave due to death or differences, anything; it is every encounter: crossing paths in the train, in a coffee shop or at the florist, every encounter is a story if we delve deeper, the kid in the library, that uncle at the station, that young girl in the bar; this book is mostly about love, some about unrequited, some on the dizziness that love is, about strangers becoming familiar and vice-versa, about us, hence the tag line: P.S. Don’t become a stranger.

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Including the book cover here again so that the book title and the book cover may get embedded in to your minds 🙂

let me know if you have anything to say about this post, thank you.

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